And so it begins…

And in this phase of pre-acceptance to the MasterKey MasterMind Alliance hosted by Mark J., a frantic refrain is running through my head:  “I hope I get in, I hope I get in, did I do everything right, am I getting in, I hope I get in.”

Whitetail walking by


See, this is me.

Like a deer caught halfway between nature and technology, uncertain whether to graze or flee, I’m stuck between the self I want to be and the one that I am.  I’ve read “self-help” books (Ooh!  Quotty fingers!  D’you know, it never occurred to me that a self-help book written by someone else is an oxymoron.  Thank you, George Carlin!) but didn’t realize that they were all action-based.   I didn’t realize that action-based programs were ineffective in the long run even though I knew the difference between constructive and destructive thought patterns.

See how much I’ve learned already?

Can’t wait to learn whether my application to the pay-it-forward scholarship has been accepted and I can get started learning how to think!

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