Week #3 (and a half) – Synchronicity

Us at The View

From left to right, Ted, Lee, Tia, Leanne, Jerry

So I reckon that quite a few, if not most, of us are members of a network marketing company.  I’m not going to talk about mine; we all promised we wouldn’t.  But on October 18, 19 and 20, ours held one of our four annual national events.  Two of the other three are dedicated to skill building, the third is dedicated to developing a feeling of team and family with members and reps from all over the world; this one is dedicated solely to personal development.  Our director of training (the best that ever was!) dresses up and becomes characters in a teaching form he calls “edutainment” – where we learn concepts the same way we learned, say, The Brady Bunch theme, or where to snap our fingers during “The Addams Family” song.  Ted, Lee, Leanne and I are all MKMMA members; we all brought our GS books, our index cards, our Master Key lessons and DMPs – we read them in the car as we drove all night, read them aloud to each other, kept our promises on the cards by completing our daily requirements no matter how tired we were or how early the next day would start.

And this year, as the seminar opened, Marc (our director of training) played Krewella’s “Enjoy the Ride.”

We were born ready, ready to be free, chasin’ every thrill we could see – With our eyes steady, waking to the dream, aching to be thrown in the ring – If nothing comes easy, as long as we’re breathing, we’ll go all the way or go home, We were born ready, wherever it leads, what we have is all we need.

‘Cause if it’s fast or slow, all I really know, is I’m gonna enjoy the ride – and if it’s hard or soft, before we get off, I’m gonna enjoy the ride.  Enjoy the ride.

We were born hungry, hungry for the rush, screaming when they tell us to hush – Hit the ground running, leave ’em in the dust, only run with those we can trust – If nothing comes to us, we’ll fly where it’s bluest, we’re ready to face the unknown, We were born hungry, we’ll never get enough, ’cause we’re only here this once.

Enjoying the ride was one of the central themes of this year’s View From The Edge.  Ah, but how can we enjoy the ride if we’re constantly wallowing in fear – fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of loss of esteem in our community?

And that was the secondary theme:  Abolish fear.  Because fear is an illusion.  And we buy into it because we just don’t know any better, because the people who taught us fear didn’t know any better, because the people who taught them didn’t know any better, and so on.  Death is coming for us, one way or the other!  And He doesn’t care if we’ve really lived or if we’ve hidden our lights from the world behind layers of apathy, indifference, pride, ego, cynicism, or criticism.

Death makes an appearance at The View


How will our fears help us LIVE?  When Death comes to claim us, do we want to be saying, “Oh, no, not yet! Just give me a little more time, I never did the things I really wanted to do, never lived up to my potential!” or like Steve Jobs do we want to be saying, “Oh, wow!”

And then Ted, Lee, Leanne and I ducked out of the seminar (Wail!) to attend the webinar.  And what did we hear?

Create intense feelings of joy and satisfaction and attach those feelings to our DMP, our Service cards, our PPNs.  And eliminate – NOT overcome – fear.

Sometimes the Universe whispers to us, and we have a hard time hearing, especially when the Universe is speaking to us with our own voices; other times, She shouts.

Abolish fear.

Enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Week #3 (and a half) – Synchronicity

  1. Synchronicity – kind of a fun way to say “our inner power creating connections in the outer world”?

    Such an cool!! connection to share, and very well written – thank you Ellen!

    Now – to go forth and eradicate, eliminate and abolish the fears I have!!

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