Week #6 – Interpreting the universe in the guise of a comb


Just got back from a cruise to Catalina and Ensenada – my first real cruise ever!  Pictures to share will have to wait until my desktop has a new boot drive (it staged a breakdown the week before we left), but they will be added to the post eventually!  (Do it now, do it now, do it now…)

And of course I brought my MKMMA stuff along with me – there was a group of six of us; four are MKMMAers, and we all brought our Greatest Salesman, our Master Keys and workbooks, DMPs, and notecards.  So on Sunday, we all took a shore excursion in the morning and come 1:00, we were in the ship’s library (the ship has a library – how cool is that?!?)

I was loving the webinar – though now that I’m home I need to listen to it again.  Once the laundry, my service for the week, my blog post and my WPOA service are done I get to play with pretty colors and put them up all around the house!!!  I’m not too clear on what I’m going to put into the colored shapes, which is why I need to listen to the webinar again.

And Scroll number 2!  “I will greet this day with love in my heart”!  “When I am tempted to criticize I will bite on my tongue, when I am moved to praise I will shout it from the roofs”!

But back to the cruise ship!  Because the experience revolved around… a comb.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my prior posts that I have a tendency toward OCD.  I start and end stairs on the right foot, even if I have to step on the same stair twice.  Every morning I have to have a can of Mountain Dew and a shower in order to feel fully awake.  Unless my hair is in a ponytail, it is strictly parted on the right side, and yes I can feel when a hair is out of place; when in the tail, the binder has to pull all my hair evenly – having a lock or two with less of a pull drives me to redo, redo, redo, until the pressure is even.  My hair is baby-fine in texture, but I’m lucky enough to have a lot of it.  But it makes for a thick ponytail.  And there is only one comb that consistently draws all the hair up evenly.

My combThis is my comb.  There are others like it but this one is mine.  And I’m very fond of my comb.  As you can see, it fits nicely into my hand and all the teeth are the same size, width, and distance apart.  I cannot stand combs with different size teeth!  They make uneven locks of hair in the ponytail, the thin tooth side doesn’t separate the hair enough for a proper part and the thick tooth side allows my hair to wander in and out of the part.  Trouble is, hardly anywhere sells the good ones, and the places that do don’t carry very many.  So any time I find these guys I stock up  with, oh, six, maybe eight of them – basically whatever’s on the shelf.  They last a good long time before the teeth get soft and start breaking – usually about as long as it takes to find them in the store again!

The upshot of all this background is, I lost my comb on the first day of vacation.  I had it on the plane; by the time we were in the taxi on our way to the hotel we were staying in for a night before boarding the cruise ship, my back pocket was empty.  We weren’t going to be renting a car, Lord knew what the area around the hotel in San Pedro was going to be like, so how to get to a convenience store?  And even if I did, what were the odds I was going to find my kind of comb?

Dear and precious gods, how was I going to deal with my hair for five days without my comb?!?!

I fussed a bit about it.  I needed my comb!  (I hope I kept it to a minimum – I would hate to be a drag on everyone else’s mood.)  And I remembered the story Mark told, about he and Davene determining two different experiences at the same event, simply by the attitude each chose.

Having a good time despite the glitch with the comb was never an issue – I mean, come on, I was on my first cruise! – but the major thought in my mind was the knowing that nothing happens without a reason and wondering what under the sun the Universe could possibly be trying to teach me by taking away my comb.

My comb!

Corridor of doors

So many choices…

I was assured there would be combs for sale in the shipboard shop.  Leanne very kindly loaned me her comb that night; the next day on his last check of the room as we were leaving Don found a comb on the top shelf of the closet.  It was one of the small, thin, two-sized teeth ones but I was grateful to Don for finding and to the Universe for providing it.  And I wondered if that was the message – that what I really, really needed would be given.

Or maybe the message was that I didn’t need to be as obsessive about my comb, that any comb would do.

Except that couldn’t be it.  That would be like telling me to settle for less than my actual dream – that ‘any dream will do.’   And that can’t be right.

But at least I had a way to manage my hair.  And somehow, that break in my routine freed me to depart from my normal, more rigid, mental schedule.  I didn’t worry about not having my favorite soda, or having to take my shower the absolute first thing in the morning, or even about the right-foot-stairs thing.  For four blissful days my only mood was happy – even when I got lost, or was late for dinner (twice), or missed a GREAT shot with my camera; it was all experience that I was going to put into my posts on either my other blog or my website.  When I greeted someone I didn’t say hello, I sang it.  It got so the staff of the ship not only recognized me, they were giving me genuine, open, happy smiles that reflected my state of being back at me, talking more than the polite phrases that someone in the service industry is obliged to use.

Gods, I want to feel that way all the time.  Is that how it feels to live your bliss?  What Mark and Davene and Trish and the other graduates of the MKMMA experience daily?  And – d’you know, I only just put it together now…

The Universe took my comb to give me a taste of what it is I’m striving for.  So excited to be making my future happen the way I envision it!

8 thoughts on “Week #6 – Interpreting the universe in the guise of a comb

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  2. Yay Ellen, That was a great read! Maybe we can support each other to follow our bliss? God uses the littlest things sometimes to get out attention. By the way, do you know the Kookaburra song? Can you believe we are only in week 7? there’s so much more that we are going to discover about ourselves, mind blowing! Have a great week xxoo

  3. Ellen I am so glad that you had some self discovery and that I was there to be apart of your journey. I look forward to may more blissful journeys together. It was wonderful seeing you all smiles the whole time. You have a beautiful smile and I love to see it.


  4. what a lovely story ! made me smile all the way through 🙂 Nice to get to know you better. Made me remember that my wonderful yoga master brings his personal spoon with him while travelling, just to make sure he can enjoy his oatmeal to the fullest, while away from home…It has that perfect rounded shape… and he doesn’t feel comfortable with another size or shape… So happy you got a taste of that blissful nectar Ellen… 🙂

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