Week #11 – Connections

Eagle outside my window

I paused in my schedule to appreciate nature yesterday (Wednesday).  Could have been snow; more likely it was heavy fog, condensing and freezing.  But it made the trees just so pretty…

So I took out my camera and went for a drive.

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Now, being able to take my camera out was caused by my brother helping me to get my desktop (photo-editing, photo storage, audio-transcribing, internet research) computer in working order again – first the operating drive burned out, then the o/s crashed on the new one.  Once Ted fixed it, I was able to get my photos backed up onto CD and I was okay with reformatting the compact flash cards my camera uses.

Perfect example of the ripple effect.  If not for Ted, I wouldn’t have had the space on the camera card – I have three, each one holds about a thousand pictures (I shoot in RAW – more color information to play with in Lightroom), and all were full of the photos from our Ensenada trip at the beginning of November, which tells you how long the desktop has been out of commission – I would have missed some lovely pictures, and spent at least part of the day whimpering to myself in longing to be out.

I hope the Universe gives him something very nice for that.  He is totally my computer guru, but I try not to call on him very often because I know that while he’s perfectly willing to share his skill it isn’t what he wants to be doing with his life.

Oh, and you know how I’ve mentioned from time to time that I’m still waiting for the ‘I begin to awaken each morning with a vitality I have never before known’?  Mark mentioned it again in last Sunday’s webinar, saying that if we aren’t leaping out of bed in the morning something’s not right with our goals, our DMP, our focus.  I could excuse myself as I have before, saying that I’m just not a morning person.  But an excuse is all it is; I could be a morning person.  I just don’t have a reason to be.

Or rather, I didn’t.  My guide, on my last iteration of my DMP, wanted me to expand on how I’m going to achieve spiritual growth.  Study?  Pilgrimages to holy places?  Daily meditation is fine, but won’t serve the purpose by itself, and merely becoming ‘an eager student of the Universe and the Source from which she sprang’ isn’t specific enough.  So I started thinking, and my eye was drawn to my esoteric bookshelf.

Ellen's booksThere was a time when I wanted to spend much of my life in study.

There was a time I wanted to be an expert on comparative religions, searching out the threads of Truth they all had in common.

There was a time when I wanted to be so deeply connected to the world around me that I became truly wise.

And there it was.  I tweaked my DMP to reflect the beginning steps I was taking to start growing that wisdom, and this morning (Thursday) when I woke up I was excited.  I get to get up and study my Qabalah! was my first thought.

Ripple effect.  Because if I hadn’t paid attention when my buddy Don told me of the MKMMA and encouraged me to apply, if I had chosen to dismiss it as ‘one of those things,’ – which, yes, was in the back of my mind as I watched the first and second videos – I wouldn’t be on this path back to my true Self.

(Hope the Universe has something really really special in mind for Don and Leanne for that particular act of giving.)

Ooh – and my studies give me a couple more places in which to use my functional  bookmarks!

The deeper we get into the Master Keys, the more I’m amazed at just how much of myself I truly understood when I was younger, before I let the world distract and squeeze the knowledge from me.

Writing and scholarship.  Learning and knowing.  Having the freedom to do both.  Is it possible to imagine where I would be now, if I hadn’t allowed myself to become negative and sidetracked then?

Two-Medicine Lake, Glacier Park Montana

Yes, it is.  Press Release!

And yet, I know from reading this week’s Master Key and from taking up my studies again (and oh, my – I’m already coming across certain critical concepts that are the same in Qabalah and in Haanel – all Truth is indeed One!) that a certain amount of care has to be taken.  Because while I am not responsible for anyone else’s choices, I am responsible for the various outcomes of mine, whether I forsee them or not.

At the same time, it’s marvelous to be part of a system which provides its own checks and balances.  I can’t inadvertently take someone else’s good;  I can share in it, I can add to it, but I can’t take it.  I’m part of them, they’re part of me.  Stealing from them is stealing from me, and the whole suffers; doing harm to someone else is doing harm to me, and the whole suffers.  And if I try to apply the Law of Attraction with negative intent (as in, “I will have it because I want it and I have the power to take it regardless of anyone else’s needs, wants or desires”), that in itself will skew the result.  The only way to receive untainted good is to be in harmony with the natural Law of Giving, which operates constantly and independently.  The Law of Attraction can’t be used effectively by a power-hungry bully.

Which means I can be powerful beyond measure without worrying that I will abuse that power simply because I’ve become accustomed to getting what I want and need by asking for it and believing I receive it; the system itself, which requires development of character and a balance of giving to receiving, prevents corruption.

I find that very comforting.

Gray Girl inside the window plastic

Gray Girl inside the window plastic


10 thoughts on “Week #11 – Connections

  1. I hate to just say “Wow” but…Wow”!!! Here’s the line that hit me right between the eyes. “I’m amazed at just how much of myself I truly understood when I was younger, before I let the world distract and squeeze the knowledge from me.” Thanks for bringing home what is also a piece of my truth. Great post!

  2. Thank you so much! I love nature…thanks for taking the time to get out in it and share!
    I have also gotten deeper into my studies and found…this is truth…and this stated like this mirrors the truth taught in Haanel! We as children lost so much of this and I’ve wondered if this stuff (Haanel, Og, Hill, etc…) were written so long ago…what happened? How did we lose it? I’m so glad to find it!

  3. Beautiful pictures and spontaneous blog. Spiritual expansion is of interest to me as well, and the how isn’t exactly clear just yet. I will be watching you on that, and maybe we could dialogue?

    • Thanks, Elaine! And I’d be happy to talk! I’ve picked up your new email from other comments you’ve made; mine is rhiadon24bc@yahoo.com
      And I’m right there with you; I KNEW one of my PPNs was Spritual Growth, but honestly I had no idea what that MEANT – I even googled the phrase for a definition to find some kind of starting point! 🙂

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