Week #23 – Strange mixture

Taxes, taxes, icky icky taxes.  Ordinarily I’d have them done long before now, but been putting off catching up on my business expense tracking, and now have to do that before I can calculate and file my taxes.

There are times when I really, really want to do what my brother does – gather up all the papers and receipts and mileage logs and just hand them off to someone else.  Make the numbers – and making sense out of them – somebody else’s problem.

I used to actually like this time of year.  There was a time – back when the numbers were my friends – when I’d have everything ready, everything kept up each month, taxes would take me less than a week after I’d gotten all the W-2s and 1098.  There were years when we’d get our refunds back in mid-February.

I’ve done no writing for the past four days and barely any photography except for my dawn project, because I’ve been focused, not on filing taxes, but preparing to file taxes.  And I don’t like that.  I all kinds of don’t like that.  Told a fellow MKMMA member today, “This is soooo not ever happening again.”  Once caught up, I am taking steps to stay caught up… proving once again that succeeding really is less work than failing.

On the flip side of the equation, I’m getting more and more focused on what it is I really do want, which parts of my life are no more than annoyances or distractions.  I attended the meeting of a writing group today and each person had to stand and talk about themselves and current projects for up to three minutes (which, as Leanne observed, explains why it was a three-hour meeting!) and among the first words out of my mouth when I stood were, “I love stories.”  Whether it’s writing something true for my website or blog, or spending time in my own universe with my “imaginary” friends, those times are when all is right with the world.

And I don’t do enough of it.  I don’t do enough of it because even though it is my be-all and end-all, for some reason I prioritize it lower than things like housework, dishes, bookkeeping, laundry, learning and applying network marketing skills, and a multitude of other gnat-like tasks that I do simply because nobody else is going to do them.  (And for the love of geese and little green apples, do NOT quote the OATS or the parable of the rocks, pebbles, sand and water at me!)  My aim for this upcoming week is not to figure out why I prioritize it lower, ’cause that doesn’t matter.  No, my focus is to rebuild the habit of doing more writing,  Everything else will fall into place after that.

3 thoughts on “Week #23 – Strange mixture

  1. When you know what you love so much, the world obviously needs for you to be writing as much as you need to write! What a gift to be so clear:)) You described both your “Dream State” of your life and your “Nightmare State” of your life! Following your bliss should be easy from here? And” if you do what you love the money follows”, Right? I call this a Success!!! …but then I can’t offer any opinions…oops! Maybe it was Haanel or Mandino doing the calling?

  2. Congratulations on refocusing your energy on your desires rather than on preparing for your desires. Keep up you work and I am excited to see your results. Make it a Super+Fantastic day!

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