Week #13 – Past, present, future

Full moon at Christmas

Not a long post today.  Just kind of a short note.

The whole family is together this year; my sister and brother-in-law are hosting at their new home.  Sixteen of us all under the same roof, and it’s delightful.  There have been many opportunities this week that trigger an MKMMA-related thought, generally regarding the subconscious and its unerring ability to create the exact circumstances that are being focused on.  With so many early birds in the house, I’m trying (with difficulty) to shift my nocturnal schedule.  I need to do that anyway if I’m going to go back to photographing sunrises.

But mostly I’ve been fascinated with my baby nephew Everett, just seven and a half months old.  He is pure potential.  His baby noises make me think of a singer; his wordless prattle brings to mind a public speaker; his constant attention to any and all activity around him suggest he might be a people person, or maybe a scientist examining the world he will live in.  I wonder if he will grow up liking football or hockey, cars or trains, music or art.  When he is yowling with hunger and cuts it off midyell to start saying, “NummMMMmmmm,” as a spoonful of baby food touches his tongue, I wonder if we’re born knowing the syllable for tasty, or if he has just learned it that early.  He fell asleep in my arms today, his ear resting just above my heart.

He’s just about ready to start crawling.  He’ll get up on hands and knees and rock back and forth; he’ll scoot himself along, pulling his belly along the ground with forearms and hands gripping the carpet, toes shoving from behind.   He hasn’t crawled yet with his midsection up in the air.  But, oh, does he already understand the unfairness of letting him army-crawl toward a toy only to move it once he’s almost reached the goal!  His squall of protest is loud and emphatic then!

I wonder what the cement of the world will make of him; I wonder what his light will make of the world.

Looking forward to finding out over the next twenty-thirty years.


2 thoughts on “Week #13 – Past, present, future

  1. Awesome the observer. I have had similar thoughts while watching my bribes who are about the same age. With twins I also get to see differences in personalities. We get to be examples for them and hopefully help them not have so much cement plastered on them. So glad you are enjoying your visit with family!

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