Week #17HJ – A dream I didn’t know I had

So several months ago I took a course on how to create low-content books (books like journals, coloring books, anything with less than 5,000 words).  I’ve been formulating, creating outlines, learning software – you know, procrastinating and not getting anything done while at the same time pretending to be busy doing things.

I am pleased to say I have the content finished on the first five of my planned journals, and will be sending at least one to the printers to produce a proof by the end of the weekend!

It’s been a fun and sometimes frustrating process, learning what works and what doesn’t on the design software, incorporating tips and techniques to make them look professionally produced, and of course, coming up with the writing prompts, structure, and background images.  The best part, though?  These first six (still working on the final volume) are meditation journals designed to be paired with Haanel’s Master Keys, so I’ve spent the last week absolutely immersed in his beautifully-constructed sentences and perfectly phrased wisdom.  I’ve also included quotations from other folks on each day’s journaling pages.

And I’ve got outlines for sooooo many more journals!  Cruises – 3-day, 5-day, 7-day and 14-day, each cruise length its own separate book – road trip journals, an airshow journal, hunting and fishing journals, coin collector’s journal (which can then be easily modified to become a stamp collector’s journal), gardening journals…  The goal is to produce one per week this year.  Of course, they still have to meet quality standards – not going to produce junk just to meet a goal, I can tell you that!

But, add the journal work to my sunrise photos and related daily photoblog, and my week has been both full and focused.  Also got some work done on my photo library, sorting through and tagging the candidates for “Minnesota Skies, a 2017 calendar” that I’ll be printing up between June and August this year.

Driving home from Barn Bluff this morning (and it was another colorful morning, which is always wonderful), I was contemplating this growing enthusiasm and skill for publishing design.  And I found myself wondering:  Is this why I could never interest a publisher in my work?  Because once upon a time I ate, slept, breathed writing.  I worked with great joy and enthusiasm, had it all planned.  I was going to write wonderful stories that my chosen publishing company would see as a hidden gem, people would love the books and I’d get to go on book tours and signings and maybe even develop a worldwide following and when I wasn’t writing books I would be breeding and training search and rescue dogs who would eventually be paired with a search and rescue human who suited each other perfectly.  It was planned.  Visualized.  Worked on daily, with always the goal in view of becoming a full-time writer.

None it ever materialized.  Always, my manuscripts were rejected.

Only now I’m learning how to publish for myself from Kristen Joy the Book Ninja, learning techniques for making self-published work look professionally done; listening to her teach the intricacies of the book publishing world, from ISBNs to barcodes to LoC registry and prepping a book for Kindle publishing rather than hard copy…

… and it comes at a time when I’ve been working really hard on myself, too, learning who and what I am and what I truly want and become acquainted with my own power to the extent that I have the confidence to take a leap of faith…

It’s only a gigantic coincidence if you don’t believe in Universal Mind.

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