Week #24 – Victory is mine.

A flock of Trumpters

Check this out – I know the focus on the actual subject totally stinks, but any guesses as to what these are?

Hee!  That’s an entire flock of Trumpeter Swans on their way to… wherever it is that they go!  I kid you not, they flew right over the truck on my way home from the Bluff after taking pictures of the sunrise this morning!  I’d seen them in pairs, but never in these massive numbers!  And that brings to mind my greatest benefit from the MKMMA; everything I see is new.  Everything I see is beautiful.  The trail to the eastern overlook of the Bluff where I take my morning photos is 0.83 miles long, and on the way down today I found myself taking a deep breath – not to settle nerves or calm a negative emotion, but just to taste the scent of melting snow and old leaves, and fill my lungs with crisp, clear air and I said, “What a gorgeous morning.”  And the thing is, it wasn’t the most vivid sunrise that I’ve seen so far… yet it was beautiful.  I hate getting up early in the mornings – which should give a whole new dimension to the sunrise photo project – and yet on the two mornings I’ve not made the trip to the top of the bluff, I’ve missed it.

Come the summer, I’m planning on just doing my sit up there after I take my pictures – the spot is perfect.

These days I’m often reminded of the scene in “Renaissance Man,” where Danny DeVito’s character tells his students, “Victory… starts here.” and points to his own head.  (If you haven’t seen the movie, you should give it a look; there’s so much that mirrors exactly what we’ve learned over the last 26 weeks.  Y’know, and one of my gratitude cards says, “I’m grateful for being able to see the universal wisdom in everyday things.”)

So all that mental fussing back at the beginning, all that fretting over whether or not I would finish what I start this time, and day by day it’s suddenly done as if there was nothing unusual about its happening.  And looking back… I don’t feel any different.

There are some down sides.  I’m getting less done day-to-day than I was before the course started, I have less financial abundance, in the back of my mind is the possibility of soon having less time abundance.  The last week or two I have not been faithful to  On the other hand…

I know better how to discipline my mind.  I’ve been reminded of how I manifest the exact conditions in my life, so if I want time and financial abundance, I can create them.  I’ve got the materials and I have my course set for my next six months… and the next… and the next.  I now have a clear idea of where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there.


And now there’s always something to take pleasure and rejoice in.  There are miracles everywhere, however large or small.

Still a lot of work ahead, mostly around going ahead and doing what I’m designed to do and now I can be of service when doing it.

I’m forty-two (and a half) years old; it’s time to finally start LIVING!

2 thoughts on “Week #24 – Victory is mine.

  1. Ellen, those last paragraphs “there are some down sides…” resonate so much with what I’m experiencing. They fit perfectly into my reality. It’s all good, it’ll take the time it needs to unfold, and it’s all in my hands… Congratulations. Looking forward to continue reading you !

  2. I feel the newness….the emotion of your discoveries, Ellen! Thank you so much for also sharing your “changes” and how you look at them now. It all is really helpful. Love the story of the birds very much too 🙂

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