Here I am!

Let’s see… what’s interesting or relevant about me?

As of September 17th 2014, I am 42 (hello, Douglas Adams fans!).  I have a husband, Jerry.  We met in December of 1991, started dating Thanksgiving 1992, and got married in September of 1993 – yeah.  Skipped a month in the progression.

Here we are in the Smoky Mountains, July 2011.

Ellen and Jerry at the state line



We have animal companions instead of kids – right now, five cats.

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My beloved Ninya passed away January of 2013 at the age of fourteen and a half – a good lifespan for a Husky mix – and and Jerry and I have decided we travel too much to get another dog.  (Although, if we could travel with a dog… hmmm.)

Ninya and me on vacation

Ninya and me on vacation – yes, she did wake me up when she stepped on my hair

We live in rural Minnesota where the snow piles high and the cold lasts from October to April.  Right now Jerry works through a local temporary agency, staying busy and having fun.  I went back to work under a two-year commitment at a local sign and letter company, running CNC mills that machine metal into plaques and letters.

This year (2016), I’m also working on a photography project, so we can’t travel unless it’s an actual DAY trip.  I still research really cool places to visit in the midwest (sometimes small, sometimes obscure, sometimes bizarre, but always with great stories!).

I love traveling, writing, taking great photos (still working on the ‘great’ part), and experiencing new things.

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